Elegant Micro Wedding in Mykonos

lisa & alexander

More and more couples are considering Greece as one of the most beautiful wedding destinations. Lisa and Alexander had limitless choices, but they decided that Mykonos was the place for their dream wedding. An exceptional island with stunning natural landscape, luxury hotels, 5-stars service and plenty of more advantages.

Branco Mykonos, an iconic, sun-kissed Mediterranean paradise, was the chosen venue by our couple. Bride and groom both got ready in its luxury rooms, we then got a romantic ceremony on the beach and finally, the wedding dinner and the party was on.

We knew from the beginning that this would be a special wedding. Few guests, the beloved ones, many little moments, hugs and tears, we had to capture all these raw emotions.

Working and shooting in such a magnificent and well-organized environment though, was really encouraging. Naido Weddings had planned everything in detail and Studio 7 flowers appeared breathtakingly beautiful.

Lisa and Alexander became an inspiration for our shooting because they didn't hesitate to express their love and exchange romantic vows.

They wanted to have an intimate chic wedding in a truly beautiful location, and they wanted their guests to feel as though they were on holidays and witness that big day.
We loved it and captured the spirit of the experience, not just the posed moments.

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